Mismatches in readings between the Energy app and other energy measurement apps or data can have multiple causes. Below are the most common reasons for mismatching data.

Difference in time selection

Make sure that the time selections in both the Energy app and the other selection are the same. Some energy suppliers use different selections for months, bases on the start and expiration date of your energy contract.

Difference between solar panel converters and P1 meter data

Solar panel converters measure the exact energy production of your solar panels. The HomeWizard P1 meter can only measure your import and export of electricity from and to the power grid. This means that if your solar panels are producing 1000W and your house is still using 500W, the P1 meter will only show you that you are exporting 500W to the power grid.

Install a HomeWizard Wi-Fi kWh meter on your solar panel group if you want to see the production of your solar panels in a separate graph.