Frequently asked questions

What does Energy+ cost?

Energy+ costs €0,99 per month. Payments are handled by the payment methods connected to your Google/Apple account through direct debit. Your payment details will not be shared with HomeWizard.

Why is Energy+ a subscription?

Enabling the smart features within Energy+ requires 24/7 external calculating power, storage and maintenance. We want to provide insights in energy usage for everyone with affordable products, and Energy+'s more advanced functies are built for users who are just as enthusiastic about Energy as we are.

Energy+ with multiple devices and users

Only one Energy+ subscription is required per home to give all users and devices acces to the Energy+ features.

Cancelling Energy+ subscription

You can cancel the Energy+ anytime, directly from your phone. After cancelling you will maintain acces to the Energy+ features until the next renewal date. After this you will automatically be downgraded to the free app, the Energy+ features will disappear and graph data older than 12 months will be deleted.

Energy+ features

Energy+ Standby Usage measurement

Energy+ analyses the total standby usage of your home. An average standby usage wattage will be calculated every day. In the day, week, month and year chart you will the amount of standby usage in kWh's and euros. The graph will also show you the total energy usage so you can easily compare the standby usage to your total usage. The standby usage measuring will start from the first day of your Energy+ subscription. The graph will automatically be added to your home screen.

Works with: P1 meter

Energy+ Multiple years storage

The free Energy app lets you store 12 months worth of data. As soon as your 13th month starts, the data from your first month will be deleted. This way you will always keep your past 12 months of history. With Energy+ your data will be saved for as long as your Energy+ subscription remains active. This makes it easy to compare different years in energy usage. When you cancel your Energy+ subscription your data older than 12 months will automatically be removed.

Works with: All Energy meters

Energy+ Anomaly notifications

Energy+ analysis your current energy usage based on your history and regular patterns. When your current usage is notably different from what we expect you will receive a notification. There are different notifications depending on what we detect. Notifications can be turned on in the settings menu under notifications.

Works with: P1 meter

Energy+ CSV export

Energy+ allows you to export the history of your meter readings. You can export every 15 minutes per day for every energy meter (import, export, high and low tariff). You can select the time range in days while exporting (up to a maximum of 400 days per export). You can find the export option under settings > graphs > 'graph' > export data.

Works with: P1 meter & kWh meter

Energy+ 3 fase support

With Energy+ the data of your individual fases of your P1 meter or 3-fase kWh meter will be stored (if your smart meter supports this). This way you can see exactly how much electricity is being used per fase in the 'now' and 'day' graph. Not all smart meters are connected to 3 fases. You can check your energy bill to see if you have a 3-fase mains connection. 3-Fase data collection starts when you register for Energy+. You can enable the 3-fase graph under settings > graphs > 'graph' > show 3 fases.

Works with: P1 meter (on a 3-fase smart meter) and 3 fase kWh meter