During the installation of an Energy meter you will be prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network generated by the Energy Meter. This network will show up as the type of meter followed by "meterSetup". If you can not successfully connect to this network, follow the steps below.

On iPhone or iPad

The HomeWizard Energy App on iOs uses an automatic way of connecting to the "meterSetup" network. If this does not work, or you experience errors, make sure to forget the network from your Wi-Fi settings. The Energy meter has to be in pairing mode to forget the network.

Forget a network on your iPhone.

  1. Go to'Settings'
  2. select 'Wifi'
  3. Tap  next to the Wi-Fi network "meterSetup"
  4. Tap 'Forget This Network'
  5. Then tap 'Forget' to confirm

Then retry the installation.

On Android

Op de meeste Android toestellen wordt automatisch verbinding gemaakt met het "meterSetup" netwerk tijdens de installatie. Als dit niet het geval is volg dan de onderstaande stappen.

Most of the Android devices will automatically connect to the "meterSetup" network. If this does not happen, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings
  2. Connect to the corresponding "meterSetup" network of your Energy meter
  3. Enter the password SetupPass and wait for the connection to establish
  4. Go back to the Energy app and continue the installation

Need more help

Tried the steps above and still can not connect to the "meterSetup" network? Then contact our support.