The way we handle your data and ensure that this data is displayed on the HomeWizard Energy app.


How is the data sent

The data is sent from your meter via Wi-Fi, which can be requested in the local network at the IP address without authentication (HTTP). All connections to the outside (our server) are encrypted with SSL. The connections from the server to your phone are also encrypted with SSL with an authentication layer of oAuth.

How is this data processed

This data is stored on our server, and then various mathematical calculations are done here to display your graphs in the app. End-to-end encryption is not used, there is no other option, otherwise no calculations can be performed with the data. It is true that the infrastructure such as users / graph data / devices run on different servers with different authentication layers. If there is a vulnerability in the server of the graph data, it cannot be linked to a person or device and vice versa.

Where are these data processed:

On an IAAS from Google in Belgium. Google has physical access to this server, but cannot view the data.

How is this data managed

You can only access this server with the correct authentication. Only our HomeWizard developers have access to these servers. Some basic information is also available to support staff. Data is not a revenue model for us. this means that we do not use it for marketing or sale to third parties.