The HomeWizard Energy app is designed to show you the correct information of your energy consumption for both power and gas. Per 'meter'  is displayed in the app as a 'Graph'. Each meter is linked to your house and can be added to several meters.

You see your consumption live, per hour, day, week, month and year and expressed in cubic meters, kilowatt hours and euros.

  • The 'Now' shows the live usage only for power. (Gas see 'No gas consumption in now view')
  • The "Day' shows the hours of the day.
  • The 'Week' show the days of the week.
  • The 'Month' shows the weeks that fall in this month.
  • The 'Year' shows the months of the year.

The graphs show its application by means of a color.

  • The graph in 'Purple' shows how much energy you use for the relevant meter. (negative)
  • The graph in 'Green' how much energy you deliver for the relevant meter (positive)
  • The graph in 'Red' shows how much gas you use for that meter.
  • The graph in 'Blue' shows how much water you use. ( in development )

Graphs details

More information per graph can be opened by clicking on the graph.

When using a (detailed) graph, the image is always displayed horizontally. This means that your smartphone must always be tilted.

Rub the graph horizontally to see more information.

To exit from the detailed graph to return to the main menu. Tilt your smartphone back vertically.