If your Energy meter does not connect to Wi-Fi, this can be caused by a few factors.

1. Wi-Fi password

If you cannot connect an energy meter to the Wi-FI network, check if the password of the Wi-Fi network is correct. When entering the Wi-Fi password, you can use the 'Eye' to see the password and also check whether the specified Wi-Fi password is correct.

2. Wi-Fi frequency

There are 2 frequencies for Wi-Fi networks; 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Our energy meters only work on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. If you are unable to connect or see your product, your router's Wi-Fi network may be set to use only 5 GHz. Check your router's settings to enable the 2.4 GHz network.

3. Reduce distance to router

If the distance from the Energy meter to your router is too big the installation might fail. In this case, place the Energy meter closer to your router, or make sure to install an Acces Point closer to your Energy meter.

4. Check your internet connection

If you do not have an active internet connection, the 'HomeWizard Energy' app cannot link your energy meter to your HomeWizard account. Make sure you have an active internet connection before starting the installation.

Is your phone connected to a 4G network and the installation is failing? Make sure to disable 4G and connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network.

5. VPN connection

Disable your VPN connection on your phone if you have it enabled. The energy meter and your phone must communicate locally over your Wi-Fi network and VPN connections prevent this. After setting up the Energy meter, you can re-enable your VPN connection.

6. Multiple acces points

Wi-Fi systems with multiple Acces Points can cause problems while installing energy meters. Try temporarily disabling Acces Points during the installation.

Unsupported configurations

The following configurations are not supported by the Energy meters:

  • Guest networks
  • Enterprise-level security (EAP)
  • 5 GHz networks
  • Wi-Fi names (SSIDs) with more than 31 characters
  • Wi-Fi networks without password
  • Hidden networks

Need more help

Have you gone through all the above steps and you still cannot add your Energy meter? Please contact our support.