If your meter on the HomeWizard Energy app no longer shows data or graphs. Follow the following steps;

1. Is there a connection to the meter?

Is your meter online but no more data is coming in? Check in the 'Now' overview in the app if there is still live data coming in. If live data is no longer available, you can check whether your device is still correctly connected to the internet. You can easily check this from the HomeWizard Energy app with the following steps;

  1. Open the HomeWizard Energy App'HomeWizard Energy' -app
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' by tapping the gear icon at the top right.
  3. At the top of the menu tap 'Meters'
  4. See here a list of 'My energy devices'.
  5. From this you can see whether the meter in question is Online or Offline.

2. My meter is offline

Check the status of the meter. The status of a meter shows the state of the meter.

My 'HomeWizard P1 meter' is offline

Check the status ring on the P1 meter. The status ring can show the status with different colors:

Flashing blue:

The meter is in pairing mode and no longer transmits data. You can end pairing mode by briefly holding the button on the P1 meter or temporarily disconnecting the meter from the smart meter and adapter.

Pulsing white:

The meter is not configured or has lost its configuration. Continue to step 3. Restarting the meter

Flashing red

No connection to Wi-Fi. Continue to step 3. Restarting the meter

Pulsing green

Connected correctly. Please contact our support department if you still have problems.

The status ring is not lit;

  • Check whether the 'HomeWizard P1 meter' is properly connected to the P1 port of the smart meter. Remove and replace the meter. You will hear a click once it is properly connected. Check if the status ring lights up or flashes.
  • The P1 meter is not getting enough power from the meter. If you have a smart meter with an SMR version of 5.0 or higher, it provides enough power for operation without an adapter. Older SMR versions require a USB adapter (sold separately). The version number of your smart meter is on your smart meter. This is also sometimes referred to as ESMR or DSMR. If in doubt, consult your grid operator for more information about your smart meter. The power connection of a P1 meter is a micro USB connection. Any USB adapter with a minimum of 500mA is sufficient for correct operation (this is stated on your adapter). You can also find an official adapter in our webshop at the P1 meter.
  • USB adapter connected and the light is not on? Then it may be that the adapter or cable is defective. Make sure everything is properly connected and not dirty or damaged. If replacing the USB (with any micro USB cable) does not yet give a reaction. Please contact our support department.

My 'HomeWizard kWh meter' is offline

Is the kWh meter display turned off and not showing any data when the buttons are pressed? If the display is not lit, the automatic switch to which the meter is connected may be switched off. Check that the meter is still powered and properly connected. If the display does not light up, go to step 3. If the display works properly, check whether the kWh meter is still connected to the internet by the presence of the signal bar in the bottom right corner of the display.

NOTE: If in doubt about the repair work at a 'HomeWizard kWh meter', consult a qualified electrician.

Is the signal strength bar not visible? the kWh meter will no longer be connected to your Wi-Fi. Continue to step  3. Restarting the meter

3. Restarting the meter

It is possible that your meter is online, but can no longer send data for another reason. A restart of your meter may be able to solve this problem.

  • P1 meter: Disconnect the P1 meter from the smart meter and adapter. Wait a few seconds. Connect the adapter and then connect the P1 meter back to your smart meter.
    • Has the problem not been resolved and is your status light continuously red? Then your smart meter does not send data over the P1 port. Contact your grid operator.
    • Does the status light come on and is it not continuously red? then proceed to 4. The reinstallation of a meter
    • Exception for Belgium: In many cases in Belgium, the P1 port cannot yet transmit data because the P1 port is "closed". Log in to the website of your grid operator to set the P1 meter port "open" on your smart meter.
    • Is the meter not responding at all? please contact our support department.
  • kWh meter: Use the automatic switch in the group box to your kWh meter for a few seconds so that it can restart. Check that the display lights up and that the Wi-Fi signal bar in the bottom right corner lights up again.
    • Has the problem not been resolved, but does the display light up? then proceed to 4. reinstallation of a meter.
    • Is the meter not responding at all? please contact our support department.

4. The reinstallation of a meter

Your data will not be lost during a reinstallation. Before you start reinstalling the P1 Meter or kWh meter. Reinstall the meter with the following steps:

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard Energy' app
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' by tapping the gear icon at the top right.
  3. At the top of the menu tap 'Meters'
  4. Select your device and press 'Remove product'
  5. Then select 'Add new device'
  6. Tap "Which device do you want to pair?" on your meter type.
  7. Follow the installation steps further from the app to make the (re) installation successful.
  • When using a 'HomeWizard kWh meter' and 'HomeWizard 3phase kWh meter'
    • Controller or the display of a 'HomeWizard KwH meter' or HomeWizard 3phase kWh meter 'the display is lit.
    • Check whether the meter is connected incorrectly or the meter is defective.
    • Switch on the main switch of the switch box and wait 10 seconds for recovery.
    • Check on the display whether there is a WiFi connection.

Need more help

Have you gone through all the above-mentioned steps and no result? Please contact with our technical support desk.